Group Training

Each group slot includes:

6 Weeks of Group Training 

(5 weeks of tailored training + 1 week of Max + Revaluate)

2-Hour Weekly Session

Weekly Video and Analytical Capture

Weekly Video and Analytical Breakdowns

$300 per Group Slot

Group Training Overview

This is a six week progression based course designed to push the current level of the players so they better understand where they need growth. With the extended in-depth teaching followed by Video and Analytical Capture and Breakdown over 6 weeks, each player will progress faster than in a standard individual session. To get placed into a group session, book an evaluation so the coaches can properly evaluate your player and place them where they needs to be for the most growth.

Training tailored to each player

Competitive Enviroment

6 weeks of

Group Trainers

Jake Henderson

Jake Henderson

Pitching, Hitting and Fielding Coach

Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson

Head of Player Development