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Cage Rentals


Each Cage Comes with Pitching Mound, Automatic Baseball or Softball Pitching Machine, Balls, Tee, Training Aids and  Video/Analytial Capture.

Single Cage Rental with Technology

$60- 1 Hour

Cage Overview

Our vision is simple: Any player, regardless of experience, can walk in and train like the pros. Studies show that kids today learn better visually which is why having the ability to record and replay allows a better understanding for the player when it comes to identifying and correcting flaws.


Cage features a mound, competitive baseballs, targets, video and 99.99% accurate analytical capture


Cages are equipped with a home plate, a tee, automatic pitching machines with real baseballs/softballs. Video and Analytical Capture that you can access and view on the go

Fun and Entertainment

At Prime Baseball Training we went the extra mile to keep kids engaged for longer periods of time in our cages. Our cutting edge technology makes hitting and pitching fun for anyone

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