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About Prime Baseball

At Prime Baseball Training we are dedicated to bringing Southeast Texas highest level training paired with most advanced technology in the baseball industry. We accommodate and train all areas of pitching, hitting, catching and fielding in baseball and softball

Each batting cage at Prime Baseball Training is equipped with baseballs, Hack Attacks Pitching Machines, Analytics + Video playback on every swing

Our Facility

At Prime Baseball Training, we offer the best indoor baseball training facility in Southeast Texas. Our facility features cutting edge technology such as video playback on every swing. This allows athletes to track their progress and make improvements to their game in real time. We provide a comfortable and controlled environment, ensuring athletes can focus on learning and perfecting their technique, no matter the weather outside. With our comprehensive practice facility, it’s easy to take your game to the next level!

Training Programs

At Prime Baseball Training, we are committed to providing athletes with the best baseball training in Southeast Texas. Our facilities feature the latest technology and state-of-the-art batting cages that include Hack Attack Pitching Machines and video playback on every swing. This allows our athletes to track their progress, perfect their technique, and make tangible improvements to their game no matter the skill level. Our passion is helping you maximize your performance. 


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