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Answers to All Your Questions

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with Prime Baseball Training?

No, we accept all players regardless of athletic ability.

Does my player need to be a certain age to train at Prime Baseball Training?

No, we accept all ages.

Does my player need any prior baseball experience?

No, we accept players who are just starting out all the way through the professional level

 Can parents stay for the whole training?

Of course! You always have the option of staying or returning at the end of training.

Can I pay cash or check?

Yes, you can give cash or check to any Prime staff member and you can also pay cash or check for a pricing plan and receive credits to your account. Checks should be payable to Prime Baseball Training.

If I have to cancel can I get a refund?

If cancelled within 24 hours we will credit your account for a future training.

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