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Individual Training

Individual Training for Hitting, Pitching, Catching and Fielding


Individual training is recommended for beginner players to prepare them for group training or for players who need work outside of their group training.

Individual Training Overview

Our individual sessions are catered to our group players. If a player misses a group session or needs extra work on a specific weeks teachings the coach will from time to time ask the player to book and individual. If players are not yet up to par to join a group session, at the coaches descrestion we will ask the player to first do some individuals so once the group training starts the kid can thrive in the setting.


Tailored one on one training that will walk the player through the fundamentals of hitting, catching

or fielding.  

Video Capture/Breakdown

Through video and analytical analysis, whether it be pitching, hitting, or catching we will be able to fully understand what each player is doing in every scenario presented.


We target where the current players weaknesses and go straight into a plan of attack. Using the data from the player evaluation, current progress in group training or using data from 

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